THE ScaleOps WAY

We’re all about working better, not harder.

Scale-Ops are made for your scale. We shake things up, to build you the infrastructure so that you can take your business to the next level. Software, not spreadsheets; processes, not Post-Its.


We will help you build an automated system so you can work more efficiently and cut your costs. Why do the same task over and over when you can do it just once? Why spend money on unnecessary infrastructure and teams?


We see ourselves as your partners and sounding board for the long run. Sure, we’ll take a look at your documentation and tools, but we also want to grasp how your sales team works together and with clients. Our services will always be customized to you and your needs.

We’ll make your bottom line look great, save you time and set you up to soar.

The ScaleOps Team
Rose Penhasi

Rose Penhasi is an experienced sales operations and the founder & CEO of ScaleOps - a Sales Operations company & a HubSpot Partner. Rose is passionate about working with startups and high-tech companies tackling a variety of challenges to build sales funnel for growth and scale. Rose’s career began in sales operations, processes, and strategy. She views sales operations as part of a machine that includes the sales, marketing, customer success, finance, legal and management teams and relies on CRM systems, metrics, and advanced business intelligence.

Idit Gold

Helping companies to build their sales operations functionality, implementing new sales processes, pricing policies, proposal templates (manual and automatic), defining forecasting methodologies and sales & sales processes analysis, Salesforce and Power BI designing, planning and execution, building components, solution calculators, ROI models and more.
Over 20 years experience as sales operation senior director, pre-sales engineer, product manager and business operations roles.


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