Revenue Operations as a Service

Enabling your Sales team to sell more

“ A study by Harvard Business Review (HBR) showed that businesses with a standardised sales process see up to a 28% increase in revenue as compared to those that do not.”
By: SuperOffice Blog

Startup Sales Accelerator



months program

Structured Sales process & strategy built for SCALING


On-Site weekly coaching sessions

Dozens of Best practices, Methods, and Tools

Sales Strategy Establishment

Sales templates & Online courses

Ongoing Sales Support

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Looking to Hire a Sales Operations OR a Sales Enablement?

Hiring & Training Program for Sales Professionals


Hiring & Training Program for Sales Professionals

Research about Company’s Needs

Define Seniority level and Job Description

Test Suitable Candidates

Suggest & Hire a Relevant Candidate

2 Months of weekly training and on-boarding

Looking For a Custom Solution?

Cross-functional collaboration

Data & CRM management


Lead generation & Assignment

Performance management

Sales support

Sales process & Strategy

Team communications

Team structure

Tools & Technology management

Sales Training

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