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How we automated CareConnect's offline events and registration processes with Make, building an attribution process for events.

Custom Objects for Tracking Offline Events in HubSpot

We worked with CareConnect, an AI powered Workforce Optimization Platform that helps those in the healthcare industry (specifically caregivers and homecare agencies) with efficiency. Their platform helps care agencies manage their day-to-day processes. Additionally, their AI system matches job openings with available caregivers. 

Before we began working with CareConnect, they were struggling to track their events, event registration, and revenue gained from events. They needed support dealing with offline events, tracking event lead sources, and comparing the events' performance. CareConnect looked for a company that could provide an outside-the-box solution. ScaleOps specializes in complex integrations and automation in HubSpot with a Revenue Operations focus. This made us the right choice for CareConnect!

CareConnect was extremely happy with the work we did for their system, as we automated their event and registration processes (using custom objects) and made it easier for them to collect data, report on it, and work more efficiently overall. 

CareConnect Needed a Better Way to Track Their Marketing ROI…

CareConnect was founded with the mission to change how homecare agencies enable and benefit from the caregivers they work with. 

The founders felt they could bring solutions to recurring issues in the homecare industry. They felt that by creating a B2B software with a human capital focused technology, they could make a real change and meet market demand for industry solutions. Today, they are a company of 11-50 employees with an incredibly strong team and numerous partnerships. As part of their marketing activities they host and attend events, both online and in person, in order to connect with new customers. 

CareConnect came to us because they wanted to track the events they had, whether they were trade shows, webinars, conferences, etc., and see the revenue generated from them. The system they had wasn’t allowing for this. 

Before we stepped in, when an event was created, people could register, but their registrations wouldn’t relate to previous contacts or companies. While they had properties on the contact object related to events, they didn’t connect automatically. This meant someone had to manually input the connection for hundreds of registrants. Additionally, if CareConnect wanted to analyze data, they had to download information separately from the event, contacts, company info, etc., and combine it elsewhere. Doing all this was tedious and inefficient for CareConnect. Not to mention, they were missing out on critical data that they could be collecting for these events. Their system simply wasn’t scalable. There had to be a better way.

At ScaleOps, we’ve helped many clients deal with attribution for offline events. HubSpot is great for tracking all inbound and online activity, but once data is imported, that is lost. A custom solution is required for tracking data from offline events, and thus, the registration information. 

ScaleOps Built a Fully Automated Solution…

The original HubSpot data structure doesn’t have the ability to input event information on a unique record, nor a registration object to connect contacts to specific events. While HubSpot has a Marketing Events object, it is not user-friendly for tracking custom events. Our RevOps team, led by Shlomi, built new Events and Registration objects in HubSpot in order to easily enter, track, and analyze the event data and ultimately solve CareConnect’s problems.

  • The Event object has properties which allow CareConnect to input the specific event data. 

  • The Registration object allows them to associate the related contacts to those events. It includes all the registrations for each event and connects contacts to events. 

Previously, when it came to an event there was no way to input the information independently to a contact, and connect it to the set of registered contact records. This new data structure allows for event details to be inputted, connected to and integrated with registration, companies, contacts, and deals. 

We created these objects and their processes by planning and using automations with HubSpot and 'Make', a third party integration tool. ‘Make’ allows us to take information from HubSpot, manipulate it, and bring it back to HubSpot in a usable format. 

With ‘Make,’ we built an automation for the registration process to associate the new objects. Now, once a contact is registered at an event, the automation creates a registration record using the contact details, associates it with the right company and contact, and associates the registration record to the correct event record. 

The result is a registration record which can be associated with multiple other records. 

With these new objects, we built a process for CareConnect to collect leads and associate them with the relevant event in HubSpot. Before the event, CareConnect creates an event record in HubSpot using their new object. This links to the complimenting registration object. At the event, CareConnect has a system to gather high intent leads via a QR code, badge scan, or general event registration list. The team then marks these contacts as ‘registered,’ which triggers the automation and associates them to the event registration. 

The Results Saving Time in Practice

Today, CareConnect’s Events object allows them to see their events, what stage they’re in, how much they cost, how much revenue it affected, their return on investment, and data they can use to build custom reports tracking events. CareConnect can compare events to one another in terms of registrants, stage, revenue, etc. 

The Registration object connects contacts with the events they attended. Here, there is information on what happened with people in a specific event (did they attend, did they purchase something, etc.) 

This made a huge impact for CareConnect. First, they receive vital data, allowing them to invest in the best performing events. Second, they save hours on each event (and money) as they no longer manually log registrants and export their data to analyze companies, contacts, deals, and events. 

ScaleOps works with clients like CareConnect to create complex, custom solutions including integrations, automation, and process optimization. If you need end-to-end support running your offline events, including process, dealing with data, attribution and sources of offline contacts, get in touch.

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