How We Simply Closed X2 Time More Deals to a HubSpot Platinum Agency


To make it easier, I divided the article into 4 parts:

  1. Establishing ScaleOps - A Sales Operations Consulting firm.

  2. My First HubSpot CRM Project.

  3. How I Met a Leading HubSpot Agency in Israel and How It Became a Success Story

  4. What We Actually did to Close More Deals and Increase Revenues

Establishing ScaleOps - A Sales Operations Consulting firm

It started three years ago. Up until then, I was a sales operations manager, employed in a company, working a lot with Salesforce software, which is known as one of the leading CRMs’ software in the tech industry. Most of my career path I was working with Salesforce, which brought me to be an Admin of Salesforce, creating new processes, and improving the company’s existing ones.

Salesforce Event in Tel Aviv

Once I became to be self-employed and opened ScaleOps, I got a new project with a cybersecurity company. Their goal was to implement a CRM and train sales team to use it. The cybersecurity company chose to implement HubSpot CRM as they already used the marketing platform and thought it would be great to have the CRM in the same place as the Marketing Automation tool.

My First HubSpot CRM Onboarding Project


One month after, I did research and audit about the company, and we started to implement their sales strategy in HubSpot. We did an implementation process which included:

  • Positioning – defining the goals and success criteria.

  • Onboarding – educating the customer about the new system

  • Executing – Data migration, system setup, automation, content creation, business alignment reporting, integration, and configuration as needed.

  • Tracking – monitoring the project through the agreed-upon timeline and checklist of implementation tasks.

  • Offboarding – Train the client and basically, give them everything they need to be successful

It was a successful project. When we started, I learned that HubSpot was upgrading their platforms regularly and adding more and more sales features with time. They began to focus on Sales and added more than dozens of sales features in a YEAR!

HubSpot understands and educates people to work with both teams—Sales and Marketing. In the last year, they also released the Service Hub, and promote companies to merge all Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Operations into one place! The world is, without a doubt, changing too fast!

How I Met a Leading HubSpot Agency in Israel and How It Became a Success Story

HubSpot Platinum partner

A year after, I wanted to have more HubSpot’s projects and train sales teams to work with HubSpot, implementing the processes and sales strategy through HubSpot, and of course, work closely with marketing to increase revenues.

Then I started to contact marketing agencies in Israel and suggest we collaborate. When I started, I didn’t realize the impact collaboration would make. I was pleasantly surprised at the effect it had.

On LinkedIn, I met a super lovely and well-known lady in Israel named Resa Gooding. Many people would agree she’s the number 1 expert in marketing automation. She opened a successful Marketing agency called Cacao Media, together with Joseph Efraim. Nevertheless, at some stage, they realize they need a sales expert to make their agency even more exclusive and valuable. I was invited to meet with them.