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Meet Your HubSpot Experts

ScaleOps is your one-stop shop for all HubSpot solutions. Looking to newly implement the system? Our team has your back. Want to upgrade your processes, clean your data, and work more efficiently? We're here to help you scale. 

Our team is trained on the latest and greatest HubSpot has to offer. With over 100 successful projects under our belts, we bring industry best practices to make sure you're set for success. 

Our goal is to help you work more efficiently so you can cut costs, save time, and increase revenue. 

The ScaleOps Team_edited.jpg

Another day hard at work and we're loving every minute of it!

The Dream Team

Rose Penhasi

CEO & Founder
Rose Penhasi.png

Nelly Nechaev

VP of Customer Success
Nelly Nechael_edited.jpg

Anna Barr

Head of Revenue Ops
Anna Barr_edited.jpg

Penina Shtauber

Director of Marketing
Penina Shtauber.png

Shiran Azoulay

Head of Marketing Ops
Shiran Azoulay.png

Yinon Shalev

Sales Ops Consultant

Ofek Assael

Revenue Ops Consultant
Ofek Assael (2).png

Shlomi Gani

Revenue Ops Specialist
Shlomi Gani - ScaleOps Revenue Operations expert.png

Lilach Ben Moshe

Marketing Ops Specialist
Yinon Shalev.png

Ready to make kickstart your operations and watch your company grow?

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