Case Study: Eliminating Duplicates in HubSpot and Salesforce with Insycle


Managing customer data is crucial for any business, and integrating platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce can streamline this process. However, this integration can sometimes lead to duplicate records, causing a mess of unreliable data. This was the challenge faced by our client, whose HubSpot-Salesforce integration resulted in:

  • Duplicate contact and company records
  • Multiple deal records for the same customer
  • Inconsistent ownership and date fields across merged records

Here's how we tackled this problem using Insycle, a powerful tool for data management and deduplication.

Identifying the Problem

Our client's CRM system was plagued with duplicate records, making it difficult to maintain data accuracy and consistency. These duplicates affected not only contact and company records but also led to multiple deals being recorded for the same customer. Additionally, there were inconsistencies in ownership and date fields, further complicating data management.

The Solution: Insycle

Insycle is a third-party application that specializes in bulk record deduplication and data management. Here's how we leveraged Insycle to resolve our client's issues:

  1. Identify Duplicates: Insycle's advanced matching criteria allowed us to accurately identify duplicate records based on custom fields. This was the first crucial step in cleaning up the data.

  2. Merge Records: We used Insycle to consolidate duplicate records in bulk. This involved merging multiple deals into unified records while ensuring that all crucial information was retained.

  3. Customize Field Mappings: One of the challenges with HubSpot is its limitation in handling certain fields. We overcame this by transferring 'owner' fields from Salesforce and selecting the appropriate date fields to maintain consistency.

  4. Correct Integration Errors: We updated custom ID fields in Salesforce to prevent future duplication issues. This step was essential in ensuring that the integration process would not generate duplicates again.

  5. Streamline Pipelines: To further simplify data management, we moved all deals from the old pipeline to a new one and deleted the old pipeline to avoid confusion.

The Results

Implementing these solutions with Insycle led to significant improvements in data management for our client:

  • Improved Data Accuracy and Consistency: The data across HubSpot and Salesforce became much more accurate and consistent, providing a solid foundation for reliable analytics and reporting.
  • Enhanced Efficiency for the Sales Team: With clean and reliable data, the sales team could work more efficiently, focusing on what they do best—selling.
  • Better Customer Interactions: High-quality data improved customer interactions, making communication more targeted and accurate, which is crucial for building strong customer relationships.


Insycle transformed our client's data management processes, eliminating duplication issues and increasing overall efficiency. This case study underscores the importance of maintaining clean data in CRM systems and showcases how third-party tools like Insycle can provide effective solutions.

Share Your Experience

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Special Thanks: A big thank you to Adi Carmi for strategizing and implementing this solution for our ScaleOps clients. Your expertise and dedication were instrumental in achieving these results! 👏🏽

By addressing the duplication issue head-on and leveraging the right tools, businesses can ensure that their CRM systems remain accurate and reliable, leading to better performance and customer satisfaction.

Rose Penhasi

Rose Penhasi

Founder and CEO @ ScaleOps


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