From Fractional RevOps to Full-time IT & Business Applications - How and why we made the shift

How it all started...

For years, ScaleOps has provided companies with fractional RevOps roles. These companies would hire our experts on a part-time basis to:

  • Remove the operational burden from Sales, Marketing & CS
  • Manage the CRM and tech stack
  • Strategize and implement new and improved processes.

It was the perfect solution for a growing company that needed the immediate support of an experienced consultant, with the flexibility that outsourcing provided. So when - and why - did we start offering full-time Business and IT Applications roles?

Market shifts, Operations Mindset

In the past few months, we noticed a shift in the market. If, in the past, companies would approach us and ask for targeted consultancy on specific projects, now, we see that these organizations already understand the value of having an on-hand expert on an ongoing basis, to accompany business teams along the shifting and growing operations.

Rather than the questions we used to get such as: “Why do we need an operations role?”, we began to get more questions like: “How can we scale our tech operations as quickly as possible?”

“How can we scale our tech operations as quickly as possible?”

Finally, we the market was past the ‘education’ stage, and our service offer had to keep up with the evolving market needs. Just as we began to develop this new full-time business ops offer to help companies get started with seasoned experts, a company approached us and asked for just that.

They needed a fully trained expert to cover for a team member going on maternity leave. They required someone full-time, who could ramp up quickly and own the CRM.

Of course, we had just the right consultant from our team. It was the perfect opportunity to test our new offer, and it was exciting to see the market fit so soon.

Why Companies Choose to Outsource Over Hiring In-House

Covering for team members is just one case in which we have provided our full-time role. Companies choose to outsource as it:

  • Provides less risk
  • Quicker time to ‘go-live’
  • Ease of scaling or downsizing your team as needed.

In addition, by outsourcing a full-time operations expert from ScaleOps, their new team member is backed by our entire team.

Fractional RevOps is still right for some companies. For others, they need an ‘all hands on deck’ approach.

For organizations interested in either option, we have a consultation call where we hear about their needs and pain points, and provide our recommendations in terms of capacity and scope. From there, we allocate the best ScaleOps expert for their needs to show maximum results.

Interested in learning more about our Full-Time operations offer? Feel free to comment below and I'll be sure to reach out!

Rose Penhasi

Rose Penhasi

Founder and CEO @ ScaleOps


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