HubSpot 101: In What Ways Can You Use HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM platform that combines sales, services, and marketing tools. These tools are divided into five different hubs: Service, Operations, Marketing, Sales, and CMS.

  • The Service Hub operates as a customer service software that allows a simple connection with customers. With this connection, users are able to provide a notable customer service experience.
  • The Operations Hub includes a full suite of tools that allows for a seamless connection to apps, automated processes for efficiency, easy customer experiences, and a sync and clean of customer data.
  • The Marketing Hub contains all the tools necessary to run successful inbound marketing campaigns that increase interest and customer satisfaction.
  • The Sales Hub provides access to tools that intend to boost productivity, make the sales process easier for beginners, and shorten sales cycles.
  • The CMS Hub helps make the tasks of infrastructure, hosting, SEO optimization, and website updates simpler.

HubSpot Strategy

Managing your marketing, sales, and service in one platform ensures you have one source of truth to follow your leads throughout their entire journey. Revenue operations require total alignment in order to ensure a smooth passing of a marketing contact that has submitted their information, whether that be through a website chat or form, and determining when they are sales-ready to pass onto the sales team.

Effective marketing and sales teams can use this information and data to their advantage. Prospects naturally spend more time engaging and interacting with a website’s content long before engaging with any salespersons. This engagement and interaction can be captured with inbound tactics that form proper advising.

Sales are crucial to your company’s bottom line. There can be no scalable growth without a steady sales team. The goal of this team should be to focus on prospects by doing the following three actions:

  1. Qualify prospects
  2. Reach out and build relationships
  3. Provide a solution to benefit the prospect.

With these three steps done well, a sales transaction will result in a sale, a satisfied customer, and increased revenue for the company.

These actions are all crucial pieces of a successful sales and marketing strategy. Alignment of all these pieces is proven to help your company become 67% better at closing deals and generate about 209% more revenue from marketing (1).

The goal of the sales and marketing teams is to utilize and implement a strategy that is customer-centric. On the marketing side, they should consider the other person on the other end. For example, a marketer should take into account whether they may want to receive an email and how helpful the correspondence will be to them. On the sales side, they need to remember to solve a problem for the person on the other side of the phone, not just make a sale. Both of these sides can combine to make a prospect into a customer.

Sales depend on leads that are adequately nurtured with a strong foundation of lead qualification. Tools such as a lead qualification matrix help identify people who are or are not good fits for your product or service. Filling this matrix in a team-wide effort as the next step, developing playbooks, requires the help and insight of everyone.

Utilizing HubSpot to the Fullest

Utilizing HubSpot to the Fullest

Team-wide efforts require adequate training. HubSpot is a resource that optimizes customer relationship management, with the full record of a prospect’s entire journey. With this burden taken off of the staff’s plate, it allows staff to focus on the human side of their business, networking and maintaining strong relationships with their customers. Proper training also allows for all operations to be efficient and optimized to their highest potential.

At ScaleOps, we work with your company’s marketing and sales teams to maximize revenue through implementing and optimizing one-off and everyday HubSpot processes. From the initial customized setup of the HubSpot portal to the implementation and training of employees to enable them to make the most out of the system, we cover every need your company may have.

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Rose Penhasi

Rose Penhasi

Founder and CEO @ ScaleOps


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