ScaleOps and Bold Digital Announce Merger to Supercharge Marketing and Sales Solutions

ScaleOps and Bold Digital are thrilled to announce their merger, creating a powerhouse partnership to revolutionize marketing and sales strategies. This strategic collaboration aims to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to accelerate growth and enhance their content and operations capabilities.

The merger between ScaleOps and Bold Digital was born out of the realization that the two companies offer complementary services that can greatly benefit their clients. Together, they could provide an unparalleled range of solutions to drive marketing and sales success.

Bold Digital, led by Noa Eshed, specializes in delivering B2B growth strategies and execution through content marketing, social media management, sales enablement, and more. By joining forces with ScaleOps, clients can now access top-quality content marketing expertise and leverage the power of impactful storytelling to engage and convert their target audience effectively.

On the other hand, ScaleOps focuses on optimizing operations and building robust funnels and lead management systems using HubSpot. Their expertise lies in automating processes, revenue operations, and aligning marketing and sales efforts for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Through this merger, clients will benefit from a comprehensive approach that addresses both the content and operations aspects of their marketing and sales strategies.

Both ScaleOps and Bold Digital look forward to embarking on this new chapter and are excited to see the remarkable accomplishments they will achieve together for their clients.

Rose Penhasi

Rose Penhasi

Founder and CEO @ ScaleOps


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