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How We Shortened This Startup's Sales Cycle Using an Approval Cycle

A while back we worked with Lumenis, an established company of more than 1000 members, on their Salesforce and HubSpot integrations, so when Geneo, one of their new business units needed an approval cycle to implement into their operations, they knew just who to turn to!

We began working together with Guy Reznik, Director and Head of Commercial Strategy & Operations of the up-and-coming business unit, Geneo, providing aesthetic technology to beauty salons (chains and independently owned) as soon as he reached out two months ago.

They needed help establishing the best operations to minimize the lead time and close more deals - that’s where we came in.

Company Profile:

  • Aesthetic solutions provider

  • Business to Business

  • Based in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Potential customers: Businesses in the US providing personal care services

Extended lead time = unhappy customers

Geneo sells aesthetic equipment to boutiques and salons internationally. Their main market is in the US where they are rapidly growing - both in sales and team. While they operate under Lumenis, their parent company, they act like a startup getting ready to scale, and this is why they needed us.

Their problem?

For starters, they did not know how to implement their strategy with their CRM. Guy, the director, previously worked with Salesforce, however, as the system is quite a heavy one, has a steep learning curve, and requires a developer to implement new processes, it just wasn’t working for them. Guy wanted to be able to move fast with smarter and easier processes - and no developers or software architects needed. That's why he chose HubSpot and he turned to us to implement it.

Amongst the inefficiencies in their company, one occurred when negotiating sales. During this process, the sales team offers their potential buyers a quote based on multiple parameters: is this a recurring customer? Does this lead have the potential to grow? Is this a one-time purchase for a small boutique? Etc. Based on the quality of the sale, the team manager either approves or rejects quotes that are too discounted. The process of waiting for the manager’s approval could take days, halting the negotiation and losing hot leads on the way. They wanted this process to be efficient and therefore as automated as possible.

“We want to focus on improving the customer journey and not just tracking excel sheets,” Guy told us, “for a smooth process with end-to-end visibility.”

With the end goal in mind, we got straight to work!

Workflows and automations - what we love best!

Guy had already identified the issue and immediately upon speaking to him, we knew what work had to be done.

Their problem:

The company used HubSpot’s Profesional package as their CRM as it provided all of the functions they needed - however it did not have an approval cycle tool. That function is limited to the Sales Enterprise package. We knew we had to develop a way to implement the approval cycle in the version that they used. Regardless, we realized that the approval cycle tool in the Enterprise version would not provide the full solution needed. “Not to worry,” we assured.

Our solution:

We needed to build a workaround by automation in order to create the approval cycle that would streamline the process of the manager approving sales quotes.

Besides this, we had another job - to take their sales strategy from paper to reality and set up their CRM to be able to implement efficient sales processes.

Minimized lead time and maximized sales

Two intensive months later, where did that get us?

  • Geneo has a fully operational CRM set with all of the functions and fields they need.

  • And no more waiting around for the sales team to finally get the manager’s approval - now, it is all automated. All they have to do is put their quote into the system. If a salesperson puts in a quote at too much of a discount, Hubspot sends a notification for the manager's approval to continue down the pipeline. If not, the sale gets backtracked and the salesperson can try again with a higher quote.

  • The company is fully onboarded and ready to begin implementing this system into its operations.

Can you imagine how many more deals they can close now that they minimized the lead time?

What's halting your sales processes?

A great sales pitch is only half the work. Even the most talented salesperson can’t keep a lead hot forever. That’s where we came in to help - by implementing operations catered toward the company’s needs helping them make the sale.

Sounds like something your company can use? Book a free evaluation here to see how we can help!