Strategy & Software: The Art of Customer Engagement

What do you get when two heads of marketing walk into a virtual bar? Plenty of puns, laughter, discussion, and of course, some wine-fueled brainstorming ( research, right?)

Aligned and ScaleOps, decided to unite for an article after realizing that not only are we two fabulous ladies who can bond over Netflix binges, we also have experience and knowledge that can help those in the sales industry make a real difference.

We especially want to help when it comes to maximizing face time with customers in a world where 43% of prospects prefer to self-serve and only 5% of buyers' time is spent with salespeople.

We know. GASP!

If you are in sales, the last thing you want to do is to get on calls with a prospect you know nothing about, and manually log all your notes, while having no way to track the data of what’s working and who’s just wasting your time.

Having the right tech stack is necessary in building an efficient sales process. Additionally, having a team in place to analyze and adjust that process to fit your changing needs is the key to scale.

So what can your tech stack and the right strategy do for you?

It can ramp up collaboration to help reps close and onboard customers faster:

Collaboration is key to a working Revenue Operations strategy. Sales are not efficient if the team doesn’t work with Marketing and Customer Success to determine when a lead is qualified and how to best serve the paying clients. ScaleOps, HubSpot’s leading partner in Israel, works with HubSpot as the platform to build out the lead-to-cash flow for their clients as it serves Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success all in one platform for full-funnel visibility.

The right software should offer collaboration to create mutual accountability and accelerate the sales cycle. Aligned offers another tool for game-changing collaboration (that actually integrates with HubSpot!): Their Mutual-Action-Plan software provides a single URL for sharing next steps and accountability. This eliminates the need for logging in and streamlines the buyer's experience.

With Aligned's customer collaboration platform, both sides can assign tasks, comment and collaborate in real-time, in one space. This fosters better communication and understanding, helping deals progress smoothly. Plus, the ability to create a simple, tailored digital sales room for customers sets sales teams apart from their competition, enabling sales champions to sell solutions internally more effectively.

It can give you intelligent insights so you can uncover blind spots, react to buying signals, and prevent deal loss:

Without data, you miss out on the greatest opportunities. Collaborating with your sales team, ScaleOps builds data capture into the process. From determining what information marketing must capture on the forms, to what information sales is required to log after each sale call, implementing this into the process ensures you are collecting clean, organized data from the start.

Once you have this data in your CRM, you can build the reports and dashboards you need to track your deals.

Aligned offers robust customer sales analytics that empowers sales teams with unprecedented intelligence by monitoring buyer interactions and content usage. Integrating Aligned with HubSpot powers your data so you can get more from each report.

It can automate manual tasks so you have more customer-facing time, meaning more time to win deals:

By auditing your process, ScaleOps identifies the repetitive tasks and builds out the workflows and templates to automate follow-ups, task creation, lead status updates, data captures, and more. With a part-time or full-time RevOps consultant on your team, you can achieve so much more.

Do you use HubSpot & Aligned?

Integrating the two platforms provides valuable analytics for deals in progress, making it easy for sales teams to stay up to date with the status of their deals and take necessary actions.

Having an integrated tech stack is essential to feed your data into a single source of truth. ScaleOps uses one core platform, HubSpot, and builds the system around your team’s custom needs.

Penina Shtauber

Penina Shtauber

Director of Marketing @ ScaleOps


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