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Dear Marketing: Get to know your Toolbox

As a Marketeer, at first glance at HubSpot's toolbar, it looks like there's just one tab for you: Marketing. If you've used HubSpot for 5 minutes, you know that isn't true.

So what other HubSpot tools are crucial to add to the Marketing Toolbox? Here are 3 tools that use a contact's Activity and Property data to segment, automate, and analyze:


HubSpot, especially when set up properly, is great for segmentation. You have the ability to create lists that automatically update for ad targeting, mailing lists, automated nurture workflows, or cleanup. You can filter intent based on filters and determine who we want to focus our marketing efforts on.

The strategy behind segmentation and workflows is the basis of your campaigns and activities.


Used for marketing, sales, and service processes, sitting at the core of automation - workflows. Workflows allow you to set enrollment criteria to automatically enroll records, and take action on your contacts, companies, deals, quotes, and tickets. The options are near endless!

Mastering this tool will help you build complex automation, nurture your leads, qualify contacts, and more!


If you want to gauge how your performance is, define goals, and work toward achieving those goals, you have to look at the numbers.

That's where reports come in.

A crucial tool across all departments, they can be based on a contacts activities and properties.

Where do I start?

Understand HubSpot's data structure, build custom properties smartly, use these properties seamlessly between your tools.

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