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HubSpot Reporting - 3 Crucial Steps to Prep Your Database

So you wanna build a reports dashboard in HubSpot and can’t seem to pull the right data? We'll cover the 3 roadblocks standing in your way of a clean system.

When starting to use HubSpot it’s easy to get excited about all the features and tools… but with great power comes great responsibility. Different users managing the system and data can lead to a big mess. Which may seem okay… until it comes to reporting.

All of a sudden you may be faced with; contacts with untraceable origins, multiple properties containing the same data, and oh, you forgot to install the tracking code to your website so now you don’t have any web analytics.

We hope this doesn’t sound too familiar. But if it does, you can start with these tips to clean your database:

1. ♻️ Clean up old data

Consolidate and archive properties that aren’t in use, clean out irrelevant contacts every now and then, and if you don’t already - use naming conventions!

2.⚙️ Check your setup

Your HubSpot setup is the foundation of all processes. It allows you to use all the tools properly and collect all possible data while doing it.

3. 👩‍💻 Train your teams

Often overlooked, if new users enters HubSpot they should know the basics of how to use the system for what they need. (Believe me, this will save you lots of trouble in the future.)

Once you tackle these steps, don’t forget to grab a copy of our Reporting Guide 101 for more tips on structuring your first sales dashboards and reports.

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