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Why Your Company Needs a Knowledge Base

Is your customer service team constantly answering the same handful of questions?

Having multiple customers face the same issue and struggle to find an answer is a sign that you’re not sharing enough info about a specific step in your service or product.

The way to solve this is a knowledge base. HubSpot defines a knowledge base as, “a self-serve customer service library that includes information about a product, service, or topic." Simply put, your knowledge base is readily available information to help customers work through the most common issues they can face with your product or service.

A knowledge base has 3 key benefits:

  1. It provides quick fixes for common issues, which helps alleviate some of the customer service team’s duties.

  2. It makes it easy for customers to DIY a solution to their problems.

  3. It can boost your SEO. Companies like teamwork have comprehensive knowledge bases encompassing everything from their specific tools to broader, relevant topics.

With HubSpot’s knowledge base tool, you can create a searchable library for customers to use. Plus, the CRM function tracks which article a customer views, which means your team won’t be sending out irrelevant or repeated resources, and the search analytics provide insights into what articles are most valuable and how you can improve your knowledge base over time.

Now that you know just how important your company knowledge base is, tell us: What’s the first thing you’re including in it? Hint: Your customer service team will be able to help you answer that!

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